Transform your workspace with fun team-building activities

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Empower your team while having fun

Whether your team needs better communication, a boost in creativity, enhanced productivity, or just a bit of extra fun, our theater-based methods can transform your workspace.

Led by experienced teachers, your colleagues will embark on a fun journey of creativity and bonding using improv and acting techniques.

Through a series of acting games and exercises involving word-play, body language, and group storytelling, the team will be put through their creative power and enjoy bonding on an entirely new level - all while having a great time!

Unleash Your Team's Potential

Free up skills such as adaptivity and creativity
Improve communication and public speaking
Boost motivation and enhance team thinking
Promote inclusion and belonging

Workshops tailored to suit your team's objectives and needs

Fun-focused Improv workshop

In this session, we tap into the team’s synergy with the creative and fun world of improv. Through collaborative and lively theatrical exercises, participants will practice storytelling, embrace the power of saying "yes...and," and enjoy an atmosphere filled with laughter.

Your team members can relax, break down barriers, and bond on a deeper level in a fun way!

Skills-focused Improv workshop

This workshop provides a deeper experience with tailored activities that foster both personal and professional growth.

It offers ample opportunities for essential skills such as team bonding, effective communication, public speaking, collaboration, productivity, active listening, and confidence building - all while having fun and inspiring creativity.

Act attack provided a unique workshop for our team!

For many of our members improv was something new. We realised that through improv and acting games, our team could improve the way they communicate. Also, it was very interesting to find alternative and entertaining ways to express ourselves.

What a fun team bonding activity!

IamExpat Media

The improv session was wonderful!

Joanna really listened to what I wanted the team to work on and she delivered! The team was really nervous at first. Joanna was able to get them to loosen up and enjoy themselves. She was able to relate the activities back to the themes in a very organic way.

Our group really enjoyed it a lot!

It was really going out of our comfort zone and Marcela guided us very well with her great energy and fun exercises.

We felt we learned a lot in these 2.5 hours, not just about theater but also how to connect to ourselves and others in a whole different way!

Delivery Hero

It was a great session, we had a lot of fun together, so well done from Grazyna!

I would highly recommend doing this again!


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